Pre Hospital Care


+       First Responder on Scene (FROS)

The purpose of this Level 3 Certificate for First Responders on Scene is to provide first responders with the skills and understanding to provide the appropriate care to a casualty prior to the arrival of an ambulance or further medical assistance.

The method of assessment for this course is a Portfolio of Evidence. This qualification is internally assessed and internally quality assured by Centre staff and externally quality assured by FutureQuals External Quality Advisors.

This course is also known as ‘Immediate Emergency Care Fire & Rescue’ for NIFS.

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This course includes detailed knowledge on each of the following units:

  • Human anatomy and physiology for immediate emergency care:
    • Understand the structures of the human body
    • Understand the systems of the human body


  • Assessment if casualties in immediate emergency care
    • Understand current legislation, national guidelines, policies and procedures for undertaking casualty assessment and examination
    • Understand procedures of casualty assessment and management
    • Be able to carry out a casualty assessment
    • Be able to recognise deviations from expected casualty physiology
    • Be able to manage casualty identifiable information


  • Basic airway management in emergency care
    • Understand how to assess a patient’s airway
    • Be able to manage and maintain a patient’s airway
    • Understand how to manage a responsive patient who is choking
    • Understand when to clean and replace equipment used during airway management


  • Basic life support and external debrillation
    • Understand basic life support
    • Be able to carry out basic life support
    • Be able to use a defibrillator
    • Be able to use adjuncts to support resuscitation
    • Understand importance of post-resuscitation procedures
    • Understand special circumstances related to cardiac arrest


  • Management of medical conditions
    • Understand medical conditions
    • Be able to manage medical conditions
    • Be able to manage shock


  • Support the emergency care of wounds, bleeding and burns
    • Understand wound management
    • Be able to manage wounds
    • Understand management of bleeding
    • Be able to manage bleeding
    • Understand management of burns
    • Be able to manage burns


  • Management of injuries
    • Understand management of head injuries
    • Understand management of muscular-skeletal injuries
    • Understand management of chest injuries
    • Understand management of abdominal injuries
    • Understand the need for clinical intervention in management of injuries



  • Management of trauma
    • Understand mechanisms associated with trauma
    • Understand trauma scene assessment and management
    • Understand trauma patient assessment and management
    • Be able to assess trauma scenes
    • Be able to assess trauma patients


  • Recognition and management of anaphylaxis
    • Know how to recognise a casualty with anaphylaxis
    • Be able to manage a casualty who is breathing normally
    • Be able to manage an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally
    • Be able to manage a casualty with anaphylaxis


  • Admin of Medical gases
  • Oxygen therapy




FROS Training Cost: £699.00

Duration:  5 Days

Certification period: 3 Years

FROS Refresher Training Cost: £399.00

Duration:  3 Days

Certification period: 3 Years

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